What are some of the safest betting markets in sport?

There are a plethora of markets available when betting on sports. Still, when delving into wagers for the first time, it can be beneficial to target a few safer markets that could deliver more consistent returns and help you to get accustomed to betting software and strategies.

Handicap betting

After selecting the Best NJ Online Casino, you should first take a look at the handicap markets. They are available for most sports, including horse racing. Handicap or ‘line’ betting effectively levels the playing field and reduces your risk by giving virtual advantages and disadvantages to specific teams with the trade-off of lower odds.

Half-time score – Soccer

Half-time markets in most sports are a safer option than full-time markets as there is less time for something unexpected or unforeseen to happen. The ‘half-time score’ market in soccer is an excellent outlet for beginners due to the low number of goals that are recorded during the first 45 minutes of a game.

Stats show around a third of matches in the Premier League are goalless (0-0) at half-time, making it the most popular score. In contrast, the most common full-time score is 1-0, something which occurs in around one in ten games.

Head to head – Golf

Golf is a notoriously difficult sport to beton in outright winner markets as the day one field is so large, and there are so many variables over a four-day tournament.

The ‘Head to Head’ market makes things easier and safer by allowing punters to bet on the performance of two golfers in a straight match-up. Sportsbooks set the pairings and make one player the favorite and the other the underdog with relevant odds.

When betting in this market, taking a player’s world ranking, form, and past results on specific courses will help you to make a more informed wager. Head to Head options are available for each round and the whole tournament.

Match winner – Baseball

Major League Baseball has a tighter spread of win-loss ratios than other sports. In the 2019 MLB season, the Houston Astros had the best win percentage (66.6%) but still lost 55 games, while all but three teams had a win percentage higher than 40%.

The tightly clustered win ratios mean that beginners can make safer bets on underdogs in this market as, over time, the records of lesser teams will not be far off the bookies’favorites.

Total goals over/under – Ice Hockey

The total goals market in ice hockey is another market where results are mostly clustered in a small range. During the 2018/19 NHL regular season, Tampa Bay averaged the highest goals per game at 3.9 while Los Angeles averaged the lowest at 2.4. That translates to a total of goals per game average of just over six.

When betting on the NHL, the over-under line is usually 5.5 goals, so you can be confident that most of the time, the total goals will be over. You can tailor your bet depending on whether there are two defensive teams or if there is a mismatch and likely to be a glut of goals.